Materials Simulation Laboratory

Oleynik Group

Department of Physics, University of South Florida

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Welcome to the Materials Simulation Laboratory!

Our team explores the behavior of materials under extreme temperatures and pressures using advanced theory, simulations, and experiment. Our primary focus is on investigating the fundamental non-equilibrium processes that occur in exoplanet interiors, during inertial confinement fusion implosions, and dynamic compression of condensed matter.

We utilize a powerful arsenal of materials simulation techniques, including cutting-edge quantum-accurate billion-atom machine-learning molecular dynamics simulations at exascale supercomputers.

We lead several collaborative experimental and computational campaigns at national and international user facilities to validate our predictions. Our ultimate goal is to achieve transformative advances by providing simulation guidance that maximizes the discovery science return from experiments.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative team environment. By employing cutting-edge research tools, promoting imaginative creativity, and developing technical leadership skills, we are dedicated to supporting the professional growth of our team members.

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